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Reserva Room - Meeting Room Displays

As a follow-up to our recent blogs on interactive displays we checkout Onelan's Reserva Room interactive meeting room signage.
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Does Your Printing Need An Efficiency Boost?

Brother have just announced a new range of colour laser printers, the L8000 series and L9000 series, that boast higher efficiency and lower costs. But how exactly have they achieved this?
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  • Product code: ZAAA-DB280

    User-friendly automatic perfect binder, up to 200 books per hour, maximum book size 320 mm (spine length) x 400 mm, minimum book size 80 mm (spine length) x 50 mm, maximum cover size 320 mm (spine length) x 838.2 mm, maximum binding thickness 40 mm

    Please call 0800 612 5624 for a price
Manufacturers: Brother, Lexmark, Kodak, Konica Minolta and Canon Manufacturers: Samsung, Ricoh, Kyocera, HP and Panosonic