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Does print owe thanks to Brexit and Trump?

Rarely does any news article involving both Brexit and Trump cover good news, but this week the BBC did just that.
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The Past and Future of Print

The days of print are numbered, or that’s what we have been led to believe with the increasing growth of the digital age. But we have a long standing history with print that, like with any long term relationship, is hard to move on from.
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Konica Minolta 

We can supply a complete selection of genuine Konica Minolta consumables that are specially designed and tested to produce the best possible results from your Konica Minolta printer.


  • Konica Minolta Toners & Supplies

    These consumables are made directly by the manufacturer and are designed to suit your machine. Using these Konica Minolta toners within your device is the best way to optimise it for the best possible performance.