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Does print owe thanks to Brexit and Trump?

Rarely does any news article involving both Brexit and Trump cover good news, but this week the BBC did just that.
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The Past and Future of Print

The days of print are numbered, or that’s what we have been led to believe with the increasing growth of the digital age. But we have a long standing history with print that, like with any long term relationship, is hard to move on from.
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Floor stands, projector mounts, desk mounts and bracketry designed for the world’s leading audio visual displays


  • Vision Stands

    Vision Techmount electrically height adjustable stands for screen sizes: 55" to 90" or up to 115kg in weight

  • Vision Trolleys

    Vision Techmount robust mobile trolleys with dual mounting heights for screen sizes 55" to 84" or up to 115kg in weight