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Does print owe thanks to Brexit and Trump?

Rarely does any news article involving both Brexit and Trump cover good news, but this week the BBC did just that.
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The Past and Future of Print

The days of print are numbered, or that’s what we have been led to believe with the increasing growth of the digital age. But we have a long standing history with print that, like with any long term relationship, is hard to move on from.
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Helpful Advice

Below you will find some articles that you may find useful with your purchases.

  • Technical Support

    Looking for support or need assistance with your laser printer? Our support section can direct you to the right place. Technical Support, Warranty Registration, Manuals, Drivers, Application Programmes & Network Utilities, Software & Driver Download. Read More »
  • Choosing a Shredder

    AT Toner Printer Copier we have a huge selection of  shredders  catering for every requirement, from the desk-side shredder to the high capacity shredder. There are two types of cut available from our range; strip cut (ribbon cut) or cross cut (confetti cut). We recommend strip cut for general security demands and cross cut technique offers high data protection and a considerable reduction of shredded paper volume. Read More »
  • Why Is Shredding Important?

    One of the best ways to protect yourself from identity fraud is to shred personal information and sensitive documents including bank statements and unwanted direct mail. Read More »
  • Mobile Printing

    People on the move often need to print email, attachments and documents from their internet enabled laptop, smart phone or PDA, where and when they need them. Thanks to the many mobile applications available, you no longer have to wait to be ‘back in the office’ to print and share documents. Cloud or mobile printing works by connecting to a network, wireless or web-enabled printer through a smartphone or tablet, allowing you to print... Read More »
  • How To Reduce Printing Costs

    A huge cost for most organisations is the cost of printing. Paper and especially ink can form a substantial part of an organisations expenses, often running into the thousands of pounds per year. Printing needs to be kept in check as these costs often spiral out of control, and it is a case of following these simple steps to save your organisation a lot of money. Read More »
  • Always Choose Original Consumables

    By using original manufactures supplies, you will be guaranteed the best quality, reliability and performance without sacrificing the useful life of your printer. If a lesser-quality consumable is used it cannot only impact print quality, but also lead to irreparable system damage. An one-off cheaper purchase can then become an expensive business. Read More »
  • Glossary Of IT And Printer Terms

    Browse the glossary of printer terminology and what it means. This section has a brief explanation of the industries terms and acronyms along with buying advice and tips. Read More »
  • Printing Help

    If you are having problems with your printer or MFD our experienced technical staff have compiled this page with guidance and answers to some of the most common printing issues. Read More »
  • What To Look For From The Legal Angle

    It is important to make sure you know whom you are contracting with. Most rentals are provided through third party leasing companies which may not be obvious from the documents. The way a body finances its copier purchases usually dictates the contractual position and determines the parties’ legal rights and obligations. Read More »
  • Speed

    Before choosing a machine consider the volume output required. Manufacturers charge more for faster machines which are also generally capable of producing more volume per month i.e. the higher the speed, the higher the volume capability. Read More »
  • Buying & Running

    There are a number of options when choosing a supplier, starting with dealers with specialist product knowledge, high street office equipment suppliers and direct sales from manufacturers. Some manufacturers also supply through dedicated IT sales channels so as the market can be very complex, it usually makes best sense to deal with a specialised supplier. Read More »
  • Service and Support

    At Toner Printer Copier Limited, nothing is more important than the after-sales support of our clients. Importantly, all of the products supplied will be delivered and supported directly by TPC Limited or our manufacturing partners. This ensures that our customers receive the best service from an expert on that product. It also guarantees that only genuine parts, toner and consumables are used at all times. This ensures that your device will... Read More »